Global coverage of God's work

Formed in 1986, initially under the editorship of Bob Horn, EN seeks to be sound and firm on the essentials of the Christian faith, while providing a forum where Christians can air differing points of view within a biblical framework.

Managing Editor: Dr John E Benton, pastor of Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford.

Editorial Consultant: Tim Thornborough, who runs a publishing firm, The Good Book Company, Epsom.

The editors are responsible to a board of directors headed by William MacKenzie, and are accountable to around 40 ‘members’ who support the board in running EN.

What other people say...

‘Global news for our global village. Good reporting and a range of stimulating articles to feed the mind, soul and heart. If you don't get EN already, my advice is simple: make sure you do!’ Julia Cameron, Director of Publishing: The Lausanne Movement

‘EN should be an indispensable part of every Christian’s reading for three reasons: news from all around the world of the living Word at work; features full of biblical wisdom on current secular and church issues; and an editorial perspective that is consistently biblical, positive and constructive.’ David Jackman, Former President, Proclamation Trust

‘EN keeps me in touch with gospel ministries worldwide and constantly stimulates my gospel thinking.’ Philip Hacking, Sheffield

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