How to know God from John 3.16

Straight talk

How to know God from John 3.16
By Andrew Christofides
Day One. 80 pages. 5.00
ISBN 978 1 846 252 242

I am amazed how comparatively few straightforward evangelistic books, which clearly explain the gospel, are available. So I am delighted that Day One has republished Andrew Christofides’ book. Attractively presented with a pleasant, readable font, this is a gospel book which is easy to pass on to unconverted friends.

Lifeline is probably most suitable for those who have some understanding of Christian things, though the author works hard to make the gospel relevant to everyone, as he uses his passion for music and television as well as his training as a scientist to illustrate the truths of John 3.16.

In faithful evangelistic proclamation there should be a clear explanation of ‘Christ and him crucified’; the hidden work of Jesus on the cross will be made very plain. That is exactly what Lifeline in its seven short, pithy chapters, does very well. The author goes through the famous verse phrase by phrase, using each to explain what the Christian faith is all about. It is readable, straightforward, Christ-centred and heart-warming.

I recommend it as a book that churches and individuals should always have available, ready to pass on to others.

Roger Carswell,