Heart to heart

‘I’ book

Eight ways to understand and heal your vital connection to God
By Ali Martin & Liza Hoeksma
Authentic Media. 125 pages. 7.99
ISBN 978 1 850 789 956

This little book is written by two women who are involved in the leadership and ministry of Soul Survivor.

It is written in a chatty style and is probably aimed at young women. Loosely based on verses in Proverbs, it gives examples and guidance about ‘guarding our hearts’. The authors are to be congratulated for linking their thoughts to Scripture, but, to my mind, their connections don’t stand up to the scrutiny of a faithful Bible handler. There are many true life stories which are moving and help the readability of the book. However, there is far too much ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’ in the book. The examples of church life come from a narrow cross-section that not all readers will identify with. I wouldn’t recommend it, as there are clearer books out there which tackles these issues.

Sheila Stephen,
Visiting lecturer in Women’s Studies at WEST