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  • Algeria: imprisoned

    World Watch Monitor

    A Christian was sentenced on 8 January to a year in prison for a post he made on Facebook in 2015.

    Samir Chamek, 34, was found guilty of insulting Islam and its prophet where police said he had compared Muhammed to Hitler. He had originally been given a longer sentence and a fine. His appeal was based on his sharing of the material and not being the author of it.

  • Canada: alarming cost

    The Christian Institute

    The legalisation of assisted suicide could save more than $100 million per year for the Canadian health care system, an alarming study claimed in January.

    Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party passed assisted suicide into law in 2016. The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, has been criticised for putting social pressure on people to die. A saving per year of between $34.7 and $138.8 million could be made.