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Happiness, idols and storytelling

Iain Taylor interviews Rico Tice and Nate Morgan Locke about Life Explored, the new course from Christianity Explored Ministries

Rico Tice & Nate Morgan Locke

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Rico Tice

IT: Rico, what’s your take on the current challenges of evangelism in the UK today?
Well, it’s hunger and hostility together, both are increasing. I’ve written a fair amount about this in Honest Evangelism, and I think the Talking Jesus report from the CofE painted a challenging, but hopeful, picture. I think many people are finding evangelism very tough right now. The culture seems to be hardening before our eyes. Our friends and families appear to be totally uninterested in the Bible, Jesus, the gospel and salvation. But the ‘Talking Jesus’ survey gave us some hope. It reports that one in five of our friends actually does want to know more about Jesus, so we do have a way in. We’ve just got to keep asking.