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Monthly column on student work

Moving a pile of clothes and a three-day old newspaper, I managed to find a space to sit down and survey the scene. Evidence of Freshers Week 2002 was all around me. Brightly coloured flyers of varying shapes and sizes were strewn across the floor. A free yo-yo advertising a university society, enough pens for a lifetime of lectures, mobile numbers scrawled on scraps of paper, and a T-shirt bearing the name of a sports club. The mess and accumulation of junk was impressive, particularly as it was only a week old.

Emma Carswell

But it captured the essence of Freshers Week. For thousands of young people this is their first taste of independence, and with it comes a bombardment of messages, an excessive social life, and an exposure to a unique community. For Christian students it may also be the first major test of their faith.