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It's just a game

In his TV commentary BBC's John Motson said: 'It's a night to be able to say "I was there", or, at least, "I was watching".' Well, I was there in the Olympiastadion M√ľnchen when the England football team beat Germany 5-1 in a World Cup qualifier.

Phil Newcombe

My family and I were on holiday visiting German in-laws, and, very kindly, as a birthday present to me, the men of the family had bought tickets for the big match. This meant that I would be standing among the German fans for the game, and I was not quite sure how I was going to handle that-whichever way the score went. Should I keep quiet and look glum while everyone else around me celebrated if the German team scored? Should I jump up and throw my hands in the air if England scored? Would I be inviting trouble from those around me if I did? I think my church back home were praying for me!